duffy: (Default)
duffy ([personal profile] duffy) wrote2017-01-18 04:14 pm

Pressure Valve

 I think I'm going to try to come here and post more often. I really need someplace to let off steam that's not Facebook (too many relatives and work colleagues) or Twitter (too limiting and too public) or Tumblr (too confusing and not what I go there for). I know I don't have many followers on here, but I just need someplace to go when I need to -  whether anyone listens or not. 

Long story short: I'm an American, and I think my country is dying. I wake up sick to my stomach every morning, and I fight a feeling of despair all day. I'm functioning, and I can even be happy a great deal of the time. But it's just ALWAYS THERE. And I don't know what's going to happen, and I feel scared and sick. 

I promise this won't be doom and gloom all the time. But today I'm feeling pretty doomy and gloomy.

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